Post-GDC Update

Hello folks, after a lot of great conversations during GDC I have worked out a more detailed plan of what's coming up next:

1. First release will be targeting late April, after Ludum Dare 44. Like with Vee's Village this will be a little prototype exercising the technology, which I'll clean up and document and then offer up as the first release candidate, 0.31337. This "Elite Coderz Club" release will have essentially no tooling and no guarantee of your work remaining backwards-compatible, but I can build on it from there.

2. Galapagos(the software) will be free-as-in-beer for the forseeable future, and at some point I'll look into introducing memberships/pro features. Once the design is more established I can think about opening up development as well.

3. I've started a Discord to help build up community touchpoints outside of, since I know some folks like email and forums and others like messaging.

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted.

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